The Power of Coaching

The idea for this post came from a friend.  Thank you Cathy Mahady for the inspiration.

My life has been truly blessed.

I have been surrounded in every endeavor by incredible coaches and mentors.

At school, in my broadcast career and throughout my business career I have somehow lucked into the absolute best coaching available.

There was the incredible Gerry Gundersen who was my grade 8 teacher and saw the potential.  He taught me how to work and to love the process.

There was Roy Currie, a broadcast genius and father figure to hundreds of successful broadcasters across Canada and around the world.  He taught me that passion and precision were important, that people never really knew who they were listening to but always listened to who they knew, and he taught me profanity.  He was really good at profanity.

And in my business career, from the very first day I decided I needed a business I have been able to surround myself with people that not only had the skills and the success but knew how to pass that information on to those who were willing to listen.

Can you succeed without a coach?  Of course you can.

But can you reach your full potential of success without a coach?  Totally different question. And a totally different answer.

I try every day to emulate the coaching skills of Gerry and Roy and more recently Mike and Ken.  My goal is to pass on to others what they so freely gave me.

It seems to be working so far.

To find out how much difference a coach can make in your life, check this out.

3 thoughts on “The Power of Coaching

  1. Hi Saul,
    I found this posting truly insipirational, the video brought me to tears and made me realize how important coaching really is, not just giving it lip service! Thank you.

  2. Hey Saul,
    I am honored that you read my blog consistently and can find motivation from my writings. I am very much looking forward to your writing / coaching as well. I know you have a lot to teach me. And I look forward to being the student!

  3. As the story goes, give a man a fish…

    You have coaches who motivate, prod and poke but who merely “feed” their charges. And then there are coaches who give you the rod [Gary Gunderson and Roy Currie] and teach … and they achieve success that cannot be measured in tangibles. But they are also the ones who need to be thanked because they don’t often get to witness their successes first-hand. Without coaching, eureka’s and aha moments are extremely rare.

    So Saul, my friend, a piece of advice I received from someone wise beyond their years: if you haven’t done so already, send them both a message and say thank you.

    Have a good week!

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