Glossophobia? Can You Get A Pill For That?

The words “public speaking” strike fear and anxiety in the minds of otherwise competent and confident people.

Jerry Seinfeld once joked that people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying.

He’s right.

Here are some facts about “glossophobia”:

Surveys and research results show that most people would rather die instead of talking in front of a live audience.

This is a global fears top ten:

1. Fear of public speaking (Glossophobia)
2. Fear of death (Necrophobia)
3. Fear of spiders (Arachnophobia)
4. Fear of darkness (Achluophobia, Scotophobia or Myctophobia)
5. Fear of heights (Acrophobia)
6. Fear of people or social situations (Sociophobia)
7. Fear of flying (Aerophobia)
8. Fear of open spaces(Agoraphobia)
9. Fear of thunder and lightning(Brontophobia)
10. Fear of confined spaces(Claustrophobia)


Fear of public speaking has negative effects on careers and influences success in life negatively when you do nothing about it.

Three out of every four individuals suffer from speech anxiety: that’s 75 percent.

Up to 5 percent of the world population, yes, hundreds of millions aged between 18 and 54, experience this kind of social phobia in any given year.

Women and men are equally affected. However, there are fear of public speaking statistics that present figures in which more women suffer from speech anxiety related problems.

More men than women seek treatment to cure fear of public speaking. Some public speakers have actually turned to beta-blockers or hypnosis to find relief.

So why bother to overcome your speaking jitters? Stepping up to the podium not only positions you as an expert in your area of business but provides effortless referrals and improved opportunities.

Presenting a non-sales informative speech warms up your target market and builds trust. Unlike endless cold calls the people you present to and follow up with are more receptive to listening to your offering of products and services.

If you want to overcome your fear of public speaking and boost your business contact me and read the tips that will be posted here on a regular basis.

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2 thoughts on “Glossophobia? Can You Get A Pill For That?

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  2. I once mc’d a fashion show that my niece was in in Calgary at the Jubilee Center. It was one of the biggest audiences I’d been in front of. My KNEES WERE SHAKING – but I made it through. I had some people saying that I did a good job. Others (her mom) thought that I was pronouncing “Leslie’s” name weird. And then, I got to introduce Billy Ray Cyrus and Sawyer Brown at Camrose’s Big Valley Jamboree. There were 4 or 5 of us announcers that all had to mention 4 or 5 radio stations from our network. I was supposed to start and then when the mic came back to me, I was supposed to say, “And now, Curb recording artists, two-time CMA Entertainers of the Year, 10-10-2-20 presents…SAWYER BROWN!!!” I took the mic out as we went out on stage and looked out at the crowd of 60-some thousand people and FROZE! I put the mic up to my mouth and blurted out, “10-10-2-20…” and practically threw the mic at Gord, an announcer that was standing to my right. He did his thing and passed the mic to Mike. Mike looked at both Gord and I and shook his head and then turned on the microphone. Thank you, Lord – for saving my behind!!! When the mic came back to me, I announced my stations and did the Sawyer Brown intro like no one’s EVER intro’d them before! The roar of the crowd was wild! Yet ANOTHER time, my guardian angel has come to my rescue!

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