My Hero Lisa

I know this blog is supposed to be about business and mentoring and presenting.  And I try to keep it close to that most of the time.

But every once in a while you just need to say what needs to be said.

Every single one of us has been touched by cancer.  A friend, a loved one or a co-worker has had to face that battle.

Heros are hard to come by in society to day.  Two of mine have come from the ranks of the amazing women that are diagnosed with breast cancer.

My friend Cathy fought breast cancer for nine years.  We were close.  And through those nine years I learned about breast cancer.  I learned about love and supportive families and husbands that are there every step of the way.  She was a beacon of light and hope for other women all over the world.  The cancer finally won.

Interesting thing about that.  When one breast cancer hero can’t carry the torch any longer, another seems to appear magically from, well I don’t know where.  Breast cancer is like that.

Enter Lisa.


I first met Lisa Rendall when she was a 19 year old broadcaster, starting a promising career.  She was full of spunk and vinegar, and often a real pain in the backside.  But she was smart, talented and I knew she was going to make a real mark on the broadcast industry.

We went separate ways as sometimes happens in radio and I really didn’t hear much about or from Lisa for a very long time.  When we reconnected it was because a mutual friend happened to mention that she was battling breast cancer.  My first thought was “the breast cancer doesn’t stand a chance”.  I think I already mentioned that Lisa was spunky and a pain the backside.  And she was tenacious.

Lisa lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and although I don’t believe that she and Cathy ever met, Lisa has picked up the torch and is running with it.  Lisa has turned it into a marathon.

When you visit Lisa’s website, as I encourage you to do, you will find a truly remarkable woman.

From battling breast cancer to organizing her yearly golf tournaments, auctions, raffles and so much more, Lisa has become the new face of hope for anyone that comes in contact with her.  I won’t tell you her story here.  It’s on the website.  But Lisa has already raised over 1.5 million dollars for breast cancer research.  Did I mention she was tenacious?

And now, Lisa is featured in a brand new movie, premiering next month in Toronto.

About Her” will debut at the second annual Breast Fest Film Festival, to be held November 20 – 22, 2009 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Take two minutes and have a look at the trailer for the movie.

Lisa is the blonde one.  The tenacious, pain in the backside blonde one.

And she is my hero.

As is every woman who is fighting breast cancer.

5 thoughts on “My Hero Lisa

  1. Lisa has been an inspiration of mine and I am glad to say now she is a great friend too. As a fellow breast cancer survivor and thriver we have been together at many fundraiser and cancer conferences. She never fails to amaze me with her spunk and her drive and well you just have to meet her to understand. Thanks for your comments Saul for bringing Lisa to more people and supporting her work. To Lisa and all those we are continuing to fight cancer in the many ways we do – I salute you!

  2. Thanks Saul for pointing me in the direction of your post. As are most people, I also have been touched by friends and family with breast cancer. It is what finally killed my mother at age 85 (having survived 3 other completely unrelated cancers during her lifetime), so I do know. I also lived in Marin county (which has an abnormally high rate of breast cancer) for 35 years, so have had several friends battle and be successful. It is all good.

  3. You are so right Saul. Every woman who battles this awful disease is a hero. I lost my previous wife and my oldest sister to this dreaded illness, yet I was fortunate enough to see my mother beat it. Only through the inspirational efforts of people like Cathy and Lisa and many others will a cure ever be found. I salute you Saul for recognizing real courage…and I salute both of these ladies for their dedication, tenacity and conviction…as well as their courage. God Bless them all.

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