You’ll Change When…..

A good friend sent this list to me and I thought it was so wonderful that I just had to share.

How many times have you heard these:

1.  “Why does stuff like this always happen to me?

2.  “I keep trying and trying and trying but I never get ahead.”

3.  “Nothing ever works out for me!”

The great motivator and inspirational speaker Jim Rohn always said, “If you change, everything around you will change”.  How true that is.

The reason it doesn’t work for many people is that they make the wrong changes.  Changing the channel on your television set usually doesn’t make you any smarter than you were just a few seconds ago.  To create a positive move forward in your life, you need to make positive changes.

Here are some “flashing beacons” that will let you know you are on the right track.

You’ll know you’re making a positive change when…..

…you spend more money and time on books than you do on entertainment.

…you stop waiting for others to solve the problems you notice.

…you trust your intuition more than the “wisdom of crowds.”

…you muster the courage to venture inside yourself and discover your intuition in the first place.

…you accept that problems aren’t “out there”; they’re in your own heart.

…your vision of yourself and your life becomes more compelling than your fear.

…your commitment to truth becomes stronger than your attachment to beliefs.

…your desire to love becomes stronger than your attachment to ego.

…you realize that you can’t effectively influence others until you know yourself.

…you value the freedom of forgiveness over the prison of blame.

‘Nuff said?

One thought on “You’ll Change When…..

  1. This is wonderful! Kudos for writing such a heart-felt piece to show us where change comes from. Know where you’re going, otherwise you’ll not know which road to take and will never get there, and if you do, how will you know.

    All the best,


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