Can’t Just Be Me, Can It?

I can’t be the only one that experiences this phenomenon.

You meet someone who you instantly recognize is a truly special, inspirational person.  You are drawn to their magnetic personality.  When they speak, the words bypass your brain and go directly to your heart.  You make a mental note to follow-up with them……….

And you don’t.

Yes, sometimes life gets in the way but even factoring that in I can’t figure out why I often let relationships that would enhance my life just slip through my fingers.

Yesterday, I reconnected with an amazing lady.  Or more correctly put, she reconnected with me.

Diane Craig is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met.  There’s not enough room on any blog to itemize her complete list of accomplishments or the challenges to which she has risen.  She is a one of a kind, true blue, real life hero.

Diane contacted me through our common alliances on LinkedIn and I discovered that in addition to all the wonderful things I already knew about her, she has also carved out an amazing niche for herself in the corporate and public speaking world.

Corporate Class Inc., Image and Etiquette for business.  Aren’t you just compelled to find out what that’s all about?  I was.

From coaching corporate presenters to teaching how to make an incredible impression at an interview, Diane has it together.

You know that I never really promote anything on this website, preferring to keep this as a ‘safe haven’.

But you really need to read Diane’s blog.


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