The Love Of A Mother

One of my musical idols and a truly great blues voice was silenced this morning as Phoebe Snow passed away.

Many will not recognize her name.  You will, however, recognize her music.

What I loved the most about her was the Phoebe Snow that most people didn’t know.  Phoebe Snow the mother.

Yes, she had chart topping hits with her amazing, bluesy voice.  And when times got tough (read that as when the recording industry forced her to choose between her daughter and her career) she made ends meet singing commercial jingles for companies like International Coffees, Quaker Oats, Hallmark and many, many more.

This is a good day to celebrate her music.

It’s a better day to celebrate the spirit of a mother that said “No!  She’s my daughter.  I’m taking her home”.

Nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds well spent, I’d say….

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