Canada D’eh?

So this weekend we celebrate, in true Canadian fashion, the birth of our country.  And like all good birthday parties, we’ll have entertainment and food and music and food and fireworks and food and friends.  Usually the friends bring food.  It’s all good.

But what does it mean to be Canadian?

Worldwide, arguably the most famous trait of a Canadian is the “eh” that we all seem to have imprinted in our genetic code.  Why is that?  Not why is it burned into our genetics but why is that the way in which the rest of the world identifies us?

We’re just too darn polite in too many ways.  Particularly when it comes to self promotion.  Most people around the world don’t know what Canada and Canadians have achieved.  Heck, we don’t even know what we’ve achieved.

Let me give you just a short list:

1.  If you’re in to computers and animation?

2.  How about communication?

3.  Perhaps transportation and mobility?

4.  Domestic life?  You bet!

Yes, the egg carton.

5.  And sports and entertainment?

That’s the short list.  And it doesn’t include any of the more recognizable biggies like Sonar and Insulin and the Canadarm.  So why doesn’t the world know this?  Why don’t Canadians know this?

We never tell anyone.  That’s why.

I’m not saying we need to become a nation of braggarts or overbearing cocktail party conversation monopolizers.

But maybe we need to say something.


Just sayin……

3 thoughts on “Canada D’eh?

  1. We mustn’t forget the researchers and scientists that search for breakthroughts in the medical field. While there are too many to name these days it’s always good to remember Dr’s Banting & Best and their discovery of insulin that saved the lives of so many Canadians and others around the world.

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