Canada D’eh?

So this weekend we celebrate, in true Canadian fashion, the birth of our country.  And like all good birthday parties, we’ll have entertainment and food and music and food and fireworks and food and friends.  Usually the friends bring food.  It’s all good.

But what does it mean to be Canadian?

Worldwide, arguably the most famous trait of a Canadian is the “eh” that we all seem to have imprinted in our genetic code.  Why is that?  Not why is it burned into our genetics but why is that the way in which the rest of the world identifies us?

We’re just too darn polite in too many ways.  Particularly when it comes to self promotion.  Most people around the world don’t know what Canada and Canadians have achieved.  Heck, we don’t even know what we’ve achieved.

Let me give you just a short list:

1.  If you’re in to computers and animation?

2.  How about communication?

3.  Perhaps transportation and mobility?

4.  Domestic life?  You bet!

Yes, the egg carton.

5.  And sports and entertainment?

That’s the short list.  And it doesn’t include any of the more recognizable biggies like Sonar and Insulin and the Canadarm.  So why doesn’t the world know this?  Why don’t Canadians know this?

We never tell anyone.  That’s why.

I’m not saying we need to become a nation of braggarts or overbearing cocktail party conversation monopolizers.

But maybe we need to say something.


Just sayin……

Inspiration! It’s everywhere.

People send me things.  Mostly they send me ‘wisdom quotes’ and great articles and videos.

They know I quest for wisdom, and I appreciate the wonderful motivation they send.

And every once in a while, something comes to me that I feel compelled to share.

Today is Monday.  A back to work, back to routine, back to waiting for the next weekend kind of day for most people.

A video appeared in my inbox this morning and it changed my Monday.

I hope it has the same profound impact on you.

If it does, please let me know.  And I’ll let the wonderful friend that sent it to me know that paying it forward absolutely multiplies.

Some motivation and inspiration for a Monday…………

Appearances Are Deceiving

Someone (not me) once said, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover“.

Apparently that ‘truth’ applies to much more than just books.

We all fall into the trap.  First impressions leave a lasting impression for many people.  And appearances seem, to some people at least, more important than substance.

It has been my habit to try to establish the value of a person, which in my opinion has much more to do with character, morals, desire and purpose than it does with appearance.

The young man you are about to meet is a great example.  Watch the video.

When appearance clashes with substance, substance wins.  Or at least it should.


“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” (Johann Goethe)

As a follow up to our last post on ensuring that you have a daily plan, here are some thoughts on how to maximize the effectiveness of that plan.

Crucial to your daily productivity is the concept of prioritizing.  That simply means “identifying the appropriate value of the tasks in front of you so you can complete them in a sensible order”.

There are generally three steps to building a prioritized daily task list:


1.  Make a list of all the things you need to do today.

2.  Assign a value (High priority, medium, low) based on the importance of each task.

3.  Put the tasks in order based on the priority.  If you have more than on High Priority task, then you must identify the most important and assign a value to each one.


Your daily task list will then look something like this:


H1 – Most important thing I need to accomplish today

H2 – Next most important

H3 – Next most important

M1 – Most important medium priority task

M2 – Next most important medium priority

L1 – Most important low priority task


Start at the top of the list and work your way down.

This is a very quick process and will increase your productivity exponentially.

True Heros!

What does it take to be a true hero?

Sometimes it’s an act of selfless bravery. Sometimes a huge sacrifice without expectation of reward.

And sometimes, it is just being ‘good people’.

Yes, this video is long. 10 minutes long to be exact.

But it’s worth every single second.

Just in case you need a reminder that despite the daily barrage of news headlines to the contrary, we do live in a world of truly amazing people.