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Saul Jacobson is a veteran broadcaster, author, business coach, mentor, seminar facilitator and keynote speaker.

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“Saul Jacobson, our March speaker had the attendees challenging their thinking patterns and gave us some really practical ways to expand our creative thinking. His new book “He Made Me Think” is now available….”(A. Comrie, Capital Connections newsletter)



Keynote Address:  30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes

Seminar:  4 hours

Much of your success in business, relationships and frankly in life is the direct result of your personal philosophy.

The same wind blows on all of us.  So why is it that some people sail to success and others wind up on the rocks?

Find out why your personal philosophy is so critical to success and how you can create a winning philosophy with this educational, motivational and often humorous presentation.



Keynote Address:  60 minutes, 90 minutes

Seminar:  3 hours

The greatest achievements in life start by taking the first step.  What are the steps you need to take to move forward every day?

Discover a daily action plan that can be implemented immediately, adapted to fit your own schedule and change your life and success in a matter of a few short weeks.



Keynote Address:  30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes

Seminar:  2 hours

Your mind requires exercise.

Without stretching the “muscles of your mind”, life becomes a cycle of endless routine.

Learn how to think, what to think about and why you need to feed your brain every single day with a 55 minute per day action plan.

This presentation is based on Saul’s new book titled “He Made Me Think”.


Saul’s speaking and seminar experience stretches from community organizations to service clubs, from major corporate clients to small businesses and from religious groups to sports organizations.  He is always informative, witty and provides attainable goals and practical, useable solutions tailored to each specific audience.

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