Solidify Your Vision

Solidify Your Vision

Do you have a vision statement?  Whatever your goals, whatever your aspirations, you need to have a clear, specific vision of the results you want to achieve.  No one exemplifies  the concept better than Richard Brooke.

Richard Bliss Brooke went from chicken chopper at a poultry farm to corporate CEO to multi-millionaire entrepreneur.  In his executive bio published on Bloomberg’s website, he is described in these terms:  “… he set out to build a different model for an MLM company – one the public could trust, admire and respect.”  7 years later that mantra is still flourishing.

True vision in action.  Imagine for just a moment an MLM company that has the respect of the entire industry, that honors the needs of brand reps and customers and is passionate about Richard’s vision of honesty, integrity, realistic expectations and truth.

I recently read Richard’s book, The Four Year Career again.  Every time I read it I learn something new and I discover more of the vision of the man who set out to ‘do it right’.

If you are looking to create a vision of your own, start here:

Add a comment in the section below and I will send you a copy of Richard’s book absolutely free.  No strings attached.  I just believe that every entrepreneur should read this book.  Especially if you are passionate about creating your future with honor and integrity.

And as always, we end with something to think about:  “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” (Dalai Lama)




“Happy” Is The New Healthy

“Happy” Is The New Healthy

Those of you who follow this blog may have noticed that the focus of my ramblings has shifted slightly over the past couple of months.  There’s a reason for that.  I have become absolutely passionate about the role of ‘happiness’ in my life.  If you check the previous post, you will find a brief overview of the journey I am on that brought me to this conclusion.  Feel free to read that one for some context.


Perhaps the shift has occurred as a result of the aging process (although I still feel like a teenager) or maybe as a result of some significant health challenges that reared their ugly heads a couple of years ago.  I like to think my focus has come back to core values and been bolstered by some incredible coaching that I have been blessed with recently.  Whatever the case, my research, passion for the subject and perhaps a greater understanding of what  most of society feels about happiness (66% of North Americans say they are unhappy) is where my thoughts are these days.


Although there are many reasons people identify when talking about their unhappiness, they all seem to be an offshoot of what I believe is the core problem.  Health, fatigue and aches/pains seem to be the centre of the issue.  For example, some people indicate that their employment situation is the cause of their unhappiness.  Could that be because they are arriving at work sleep-deprived, irritable due to aches and pains or from stress?  See where I’m going with this?

It’s harder to concentrate on your work, relationships, finances or almost anything else important when you’re just not feeling well.  That doesn’t necessarily mean sick or injured.  In my case, I am blessed to wake up every morning happy.  Life is so much more wonderful when you get up that way.


In an article titled “Six Ways Happiness is Good For Your Health“, Kira M. Newman writes that happiness protects your heart, strengthens your immune system and combats stress, diseases and disability.  She notes that, “Recently, a critical mass of research has provided what might be the most basic and irrefutable argument in favor of happiness: Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand.

Over the past six months I have tested that hypothesis and can tell you without reservation that better health creates happiness and joy.  It is so much easier to face the work at hand when you feel terrific.  Relationships blossom when you get up each morning feeling happy and joyous.  No challenge is insurmountable when you have a smile on your face.


Try it.  It’s that simple.  If the happier you are is directly proportional to how healthy you are, why not get healthy?  I’m not suggesting you rush out and buy up all the ‘happy’ programs on the market, or the ‘healthy’ programs either.  But a few simple steps that cost almost nothing may be in order:

  1.  Find someone that has the happiness factor you respect and ask them how they got there.  I, for one, would be absolutely honoured to share with you the strategies I use for free.  Helping people find happiness makes me feel happy so why not?

Pretty short list.  Great place to start.

As I always end with something to think about, here we go.  “To keep the body in good health is a duty.  Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”  (Buddha)