Saul Jacobson specializes in helping people reach their goals through seminars, keynote speeches, in person and through webinars and live training calls.

“Saul!  I wanted to tell you that I got to your chapter in your book about teaching and inspirational teachers. At the end when you asked who was our most inspirational teacher and have we ever told them I realized I needed to do it right away! I wrote her a quick email and after writing for a good 15 minutes straight I realized I had so much to say to her! It made me feel so good to tell her how amazing she was and how she really shaped my life! I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier – but you definitely made me think! And made me do!!” (Victoria D.)

“Just finished your book – He Made Me Think. I really enjoyed this little gem. And it did make me think. Thank you for your wit and wisdom.” (K. Conant-Cook)

“Saul Jacobson, our March speaker had the attendees challenging their thinking patterns and gave us some really practical ways to expand our creative thinking. His new book “He Made Me Think” is now available….”(A. Comrie, Capital Connections newsletter)

I read “He Made Me Think” from cover to cover, then read it again, this time with my little sticky notes on hand. There are too many favourite chapters to mention, but suffice it to say they are all safely ‘tagged’ for future “thinking”. This book will be a reference for me – and recommended to all. (R. Davey)

“It was great meeting you today and I absolutely loved your talk!  In such a short time, you really got your message across!  Can’t wait to get into your book as I travel to Dallas..” (Deborah Macdonald)

“Our books have arrived! I have just finished reading my copy and enjoyed it IMMENSELY! The title is bang-on. You did make me think (a lot – in every chapter).  As mentioned to you earlier, it would be great if you could autograph the copies I purchased for M… and V….. We plan to give them as Easter gifts.”  (Rae Ann)

“…a HUGE thank you for being such an amazing speaker today, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you. I wish you could have gone on for much longer.” (A. Comrie, CSP)

” Saul Jacobson speaking to the Masses… This man has an aura that attracts people to listen to him.! “(C. Danychuk)

“Saul Jacobson has a rare combination of passion and energy combined with a high level of competence and credibility. ” (Mark Brown, VP Max International)

“Saul Jacobson was our guest speaker with inspiring thoughts on how to get the most out of life.  His presentation called “Set Your Sails For Success” was humorous, thoughtful and full of concrete tips and ideas on how to make life “at work” much more successful.” (HDI Institute)


“I did get the gig!!! And I know I have you to thank 🙂 You’re the best Saul!”  (L. Townson)

“Just want to drop you a line to tell you thank you so much for your mentoring. I have a game plan and much restored confidence as a result of your calls. I am always on your training calls as a part of my routine as long distance truck driver. Some times I have to stay on mute because of background noise at shippers and receivers but I am always there. I use these calls not only for the great training and confidence building but also as a means of staying tapped in with other business professionals who are always on your calls as well.” (C. Booker)

I’m running the Music departments of two radio stations – full plate that’s for sure, but I love it! I also do the afternoon drive and a syndicated show called “Coast to Coast” that just won a Country Music Award for Show of the Year.  I’m still trying to figure out how I did that one…:)  Great to catch up with you – and for what it’s worth…you are a bonafide GURU!!! (Dave B., Canada)

So enjoy your site, blogs, tips, insightful advice.  The tips for ‘home business’ were especially good and I feel that many will benefit from this.  Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity for some home-based business, which was wonderful when the kids were small. I loved working from my home.  Your tips are great!  Keep up the great work! (R.D.)

I had to email Saul to tell him what an impact he had on Liam.  Liam is a classic 13 year old and I often only get mumbled at as a parent.  There was one day that Saul had highly praised Liam’s attempts.  When Liam got home, I was treated to a soliloquy because of that praise.  Liam was positively humming with excitement.  Thank you!  (W. Manning)


“Thanks for the vaildation!!  😉 Great website Saul.” (D. McDougall)

“Another great to the point article.  You inspire me to write.  Great job!  I will share this on my twitter account.” (J. Wheeler)

“It was a true pleasure having the opportunity to connect with you’re wife and you. You are amazing people and my wife and I look up to you with the highest respect! Thank you for the inspiration! (D. Scheerhorn)

“Good Morning Saul, I have to tell you that your blog site is one of the best I have seen—simple layout & great content. Thank you for enriching my life today!  Have an awesome day!” (D. Light)