Saul’s Book “He Made Me Think”

I am absolutely humbled by this remarkable book review!

“I read your book while away & you accomplished what you set out to do… made me think after each & every chapter.  So much so that I immediately passed it on & my friend had the same result.  I looked forward to your “quotes” at the beginning of each chapter & loved each ending with your “stop & think” & “fascination” as well as your humor throughout.  It’s certainly a frequent go to book & I look forward to a sequel.” (K. Carter)

“Saul!  I wanted to tell you that I got to your chapter in your book about teaching and inspirational teachers. At the end when you asked who was our most inspirational teacher and have we ever told them I realized I needed to do it right away! I wrote her a quick email and after writing for a good 15 minutes straight I realized I had so much to say to her! It made me feel so good to tell her how amazing she was and how she really shaped my life! I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier – but you definitely made me think! And made me do!!” (Victoria D.)

To purchase the special edition of “He Made Me Think” supporting breast cancer research, please click here.  It is exactly the same price as the regular paperback edition.


Send your name, phone number, shipping address and the number of copies you want by email to me and I’ll send you an invoice and get the books out to you.  There is no extra cost for signed copies.

“Just finished your book – He Made Me Think. I really enjoyed this little gem. And it did make me think. Thank you for your wit and wisdom.” (K. Conant-Cook)

“Hey, Saul! My 17-year old daughter has confiscated my copy of “He Made Me Think” exclaiming “I LOVE THIS BOOK!” and has taken it to school with her today so she can finish it. Please bring another copy of the book to our meeting today so I can get MY copy back ASAP… she’s a maniac with a highlighter!” (Allison C.)

“I read “He Made Me Think” from cover to cover, then read it again, this time with my little sticky notes on hand. There are too many favourite chapters to mention, but suffice it to say they are all safely ‘tagged’ for future “thinking”. This book will be a reference for me – and recommended to all.” (R. Davey)

“It was great meeting you today and I absolutely loved your talk! In such a short time, you really got your message across! Can’t wait to get into your book as I travel to Dallas..” (Deborah Macdonald)

“Our books have arrived! I have just finished reading my copy and enjoyed it IMMENSELY! The title is bang-on. You did make me think (a lot – in every chapter). As mentioned to you earlier, it would be great if you could autograph the copies I purchased for M… and V….. We plan to give them as Easter gifts.” (Rae Ann)”

“…a HUGE thank you for being such an amazing speaker today, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you. I wish you could have gone on for much longer.” (A. Comrie, CSP)

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